Qalamkar Luxury Festive Noor E Chasham Collection 2019

Mostly dresses lawn designs, Qalamkar Luxury Festive Noor E Chasham Collection 2019 an exclusive hi-tea was hosted for the preview of our Luxury Festive collection NooreChasham at Maribelle. All the ladies wearing outfits from our collection absolutely rocked it. At Qalamkar we are staunch believers that there is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetic ally herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. Every woman in her own way, size and body type is perfect. Qalamkar with it’s Luxury Festive collection; Noor e Chasham is going strong with a mix of fun and trendy staples.

Qalamkar Luxury Festive Noor E Chasham Eid Collection 2019

Qalamkar is possessed by al noor texture which intends to give moving structures along energetic hues to Pakistani ladies while guaranteeing no trade off on quality and that is the primary reason of their prosperity. In light of the fact that there are no trade off on best quality settles on them women first decision to pick. This dresses fashion brands is yet to perceived universally yet there are quality make different brands to stress alot. Their point is to make ladies understood their value and discloses to them they are the ruler of this world and they should realize how to govern it. You can see the some images of Qalamkar Luxury Festive Noor E Chasham Collection 2019 all spring summer season.

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