Prince William and Kate Middleton Visit to Pakistan 2019

Prince William and Kate Middleton in Pakistan’s art is worldwide famous and to honour that specialty of Pakistan, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in a traditionally decorated Rickshaw, for a reception at Pakistan Monument. Think Tourism, Think Pakistan :: Today was a historic and landmark day for Pakistan when it comes to Tourism, the Royal couple visited Chitral, the most peaceful and highly literate district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, to witness some rich traditions and culture of Kalash Valley, glaciers in the district including Broghil and the beautiful tourists spots. Broghil is one of the most favourite tourist destination in Chitral, the view of the place is mesmerising.

Pakistan Prince William & Kate Middleton Visit In Tour 2019

It’s time to show the World, the beauty of Pakistan, the World needs to witness the tremendous landscape of Chitral. The recent visit of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will boost the domestic and foreign tourism in the country. It will help in reviving the local economy, earning foreign exchange for country, creating jobs ultimately generating revenue for the country. The young Royal couple from England has shown a traditionally rich image of Pakistan to the whole world. Pakistan will now be known for its hospitality, cultural diversity, peace, art and love for foreigner guests in the world.

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